The Ultimate Game Room aka…

What is a true rec room? The ultimate game room. Or, as the term is becoming more and more common, is it your “Man Cave”?

So, here, what does the ultimate game room mean? Very simply, it means that you have a place to play. Play means different things to different people. Our site will work with you to help determine what your ultimate game room is. Whether it is a true Man Cave or not, the basic premis is the same.

There are many directions the ultimate game room can take. It usually starts with a focal point. For our examples, we will use a
billiard table as the focal point. Then, we will add in the supporting cast to complete the ultimate game room without making it look like a frat house. Your focal point may be a different favorite game, but the concepts will remain the same. As I started this site, I found that the base definition has changed quite a bit. Your focal point might be a home theater, or computer / video aming area. We will explore these areas as well. The ultimate game room not only must be functional, but should also be
welcoming. This website will be a conglomeration of information, whether factual or opinions. We will work at growth. By this, we will help to improve not only your ultimate game room, but your enjoyment as well.

Supporting your focal point in the ultimate game room will be the biggest challenge you have. We will cover how to pick the gaming equipment. The specs are easy. The looks are subjective. Merging these two concepts is the true challenge in setting up the ultimate game room.  With any full size table, Billiard or Air Hockey, specifications will vary. There will be best, better, good and, forget about it. We will help you understand the choices. In the end, your budget and space will be some of the biggest
factors. For example, as I build my ultimate game room, I have a 9 foot pool table that looks like a piece of furniture. I did not spend thousands of dollars on it. I was very conservative in the pricing without giving up on quality.

Enjoying your ultimate game room means actually using the room. Your billiards table is not the laundry table. Yea, you, I see that sheepish grin. The only thing that should be covering your billiards table, when a game is not in progress, is the protective cover to keep the cloth clean.

We will cover rules and games that will not only span talent levels, but help handicap to allow all levels play together. This
approach is important to not alienate other family members.

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